The underfloor heating system gives you more sense of warmth, heat in each zone of the room, luxury and safety in your home with your family. Hot water from a heat source typically, a gas boiler or a heat pump is distributed via a manifold in a closed cycle to underfloor heating circuits made using multilayer thermal pipes ensuring better heat transfer with no water leakage. When the water flows through the underfloor pipes it transfers the heat through its wall and the floor material which heats the air in the room. The hot air then flows upward and is displaced by the cold air until the temperature of the air in the room reach the set point. The underfloor system is safe and efficient and ensures a uniform distribution of warmth to all parts of the room no matter the size is. We rely on the quality and integrity of the components used in this system in which we use leading international brands and designed and installed with the highest standards by a specialized team of engineers and technicians.