Its importance: (smart heat)

is a must in everyday human life.

It cannot be dispensed with either in homes,restaurants, factories or commercial and administrative places, as well as hotwater is no longer associated also with winter only because it is used injacuzzi, sauna, Moroccan bath and also needed by the human body in the regularbathroom because it helps to relax the body after the long and hardworking dayand is also used in cleaning clothes, dishes and others.

Types of central heatingsystems: - (smart heat)

First: The Central American Rheem Kettle: (smart heat)

Rheem kettle is the largest manufacturer of water heating products in North America and is sold to manycountries in the Middle East, including Egypt.

The boiler is gas-fired and has three watersources (hot water source - source of the return line - cold water source)

The return line is mounted with a flippingpump and a control panel to control the temperature and operate and separatethe demand to reduce gas consumption and also install on it a set ofpolypropylene materials and there are different sizes (150 liters - 200 liters- 300 liters)

Boiler chamber requirementsRheem circulating pump·       

       Cold Water Source 1"

       Hot Water Line 1"

       Water line back 3/4"

     Exchange point in the place of the exchanger and the heater

        Source of ventilation (if possible hood)

       Chimney exit if there is a chimney


Second: the heater and the tank:(smart heat)

Is the addition of a heat exchanger to thecentral heating system in case there are many bathrooms and kitchens as well asthe use of a line due to hot water and the size of the heater is chosenaccording to the number of hot spots and the number of people to determine thecapacity of the exchanger Reflex,  which is  German-made and features distinctiveinsulation to maintain the temperature of water inside for as long as possibleto reduce consumption in gas and is made of magnesium for the heater and bearthe coil in it to a temperature of up to 1000 degrees to help The speed ofheating the water and makes the circle closed between the heater and the  Reflex exchanger.

Reflex WinkelmannGmbH - part of the construction and industries division - is a leading provider of heatingtechnology systems and high quality hot water supplies. Under its Reflex brand, the company, headquartered in Ahlen in Germany's Westphalia region, produces and sells not onlydiaphragm expansion vessels, but also innovative components and comprehensivesolutions for pressure maintenance, water installation, gas removal and watertreatment, storage water heaters and heat exchangers for for panels, as well ascrotch components and hydraulic vessels.  Reflex Winkelmann GmbH has more than 1,500 employees worldwide, giving it aninternational presence in all major markets. (smart heat)


Through itssustainable and energy-saving products, the company is already doing its job tohelp the environment, as evidenced by its commitment to sustainability andclimate policy objectives approved by the German federal government. Thissupport is based on proven technologies and future-oriented innovations.

Smart Heat is aleader in the field of central heating and the European system and is the bestEgyptian company in this field. (smart heat) 

 Boiler chamber requirements (smart heat)



2*2mm2 220 volt cable power sourcenext to the return and exchanger pumps

Chimney exit if there is a chimney