Solar Heater :-

They are devices that convert solar energy and sunlight into heat used to heat water. The solar heater is suitable for homes, hospitals, hotels and all industrial purposes and is available at different capacities depending on the number of individuals, in addition to being considered one of the central solar heaters for the residential unit - administrative-industrial.

The solar heating system offers advanced solutions based on providing hot water to homes and toilets using European premium solar heaters that rely on renewable energy. SMART HEAT provides solar water heaters based on the technology of "flat panel" complexes which is considered one of the cheapest and most efficient renewable energy technologies.

In solar water heating systems by flat panel complexes, the cost of production will be relatively low and provide high capacity. Using this method, renewable sources of energy can be utilized instead of lying on electric water heaters.

Features of solar heaters: - (ٍٍSmart Heat)

1.Magnesium rod: -

Easy to change and the main goal of manufacturers to put the magnesium rod in this type of heater is to prevent the corrosion of its internal surface hence purify the water from viruses, bacteria and unpleasant odors that over time cause damage to the skin, hair and respiratory system, and is changed every two years and considered additional protection to the main one by a layer of enamel (the best and most expensive treatment types) 

2.Heat water to temperatures of up to 85oC.
3.Provides hot water throughout the day in summer or winter without the need for electricity.
4.Solar Heater has a lifetime of 25 years and more provided that the periodic maintenance in addition to the perfect safety and saving compared to gas and electricity heaters.
5.Solar heaters are the most efficient for absorbing and storing heat to protect completely from rust.
6.Only one heater is enough for the unit (kitchens-bathrooms) taking into account the capacity of the heater.
7.The solar heater is supplied with a backup electric heater.
8.These units of compact-designed solar water heaters are suitable for installation on roofs.
9.The available capacities for the solar water heater range from 200 to 300litres.

Heating systems are one of the most important applications on the use of solar energy where solar energy is used in air heating and central heating systems and increase the temperature in homes and there are many systems in solar heating such as Russian, German, Portuguese, French, Japanese, English, Polish, Dutch and Romanian systems


In current periods, space owners are developing sources of heating through tunnels and many heating methods through which the weather is dependent.