Central heating is a system that provides you with heat from the heat source, or central point, through the interior of your building, or part of the building, to every room in your home.

It can also be installed with other temperature control systems in buildings to enable the user of adjusting the temperature. It is the most common system used to heat spaces in cooler whether. Not only that, it is also used in most commercial buildings such as office buildings, shopping malls and hotels ete.

The central heating system uses warm water to distribute heat evenly to each area of the house through a network of pipes which are running under the floor or connected to radiators. Both systems keep you warm by creating gentle warmth in your room.

 In the central heating systems, the hot water, heat source, is generated by an energy efficient gas boilers which can heat the water to 80-90 degrees.

This hot water is then recirculated through the underfloor pipe network and through the radiators which emit heat to the surrounding air and warm the entire space uniformly. After passing through the entire system, the water which lost some of its heat content is recirculated back to the boiler when it is re-heated and keep circulating through the system t o maintain providing the warmth to you. This efficient design reduces the power consumption, thus reducing the gas bills.

Although gas-operated boilers are commonly used to produce the hot water, other heating sources can also be used such as electrical boilers, geothermal sources pumps, heat pumps, solar heaters etc.

The advantages of central heating systems over conventional local one, is that central heating ensure that the entire space is warm with less energy losses. It ensures the safety of the place with no potential hazard to the people. Moreover, central heating systems are more efficient and cost-effective and can be hybrid with renewable sources of energy. Furthermore, It does not require any forced air movement, no drafts or noisy fans. It also ensures uniform heat distribution with no hot and cold spots.

The optimum design of the central heating system and the selection of its components vary and depends on the heating demand, space availability and the source power available ( gas or electric) and other factors that should be considered.

Central heating is your best option to warm your life.