Heating system development


The invention of heating and access to the idea of ​​heating in general was nothing but a coincidence. In ancient times, people used to light a fire in the winter in order to heat and get rid of the cold. This enabled them to reach the idea of ​​heaters with chimneys; His need to get rid of the smoke from the stove led him to make a hole in the place to let the smoke out, and then it developed until heaters were built inside homes that had special chimneys, and this was the beginning of the first heater.

Over the long years, humans have come up with a set of ways to heat, and with the passage of time and technological development, these methods have developed to become safer and help to heat better and less expensive than the old traditional methods and recently developed into central heating systems.

The purpose of heating

The weather, extreme cold, and severe climatic changes that make a person unable to lead his life normally is what made us think of heating systems that guarantee people comfort while carrying out their daily tasks without suffering, by providing homes and buildings such as companies, schools,and workplaces such as factories and others with heating, and it is also easy for him to also Going from one place to another by car, public transport, air transport or sea transport, since they are also provided with heating, which makes it easier and easier.

How does heat transfer?

Heat is transmitted either by heating the air by a hot object,and because the hot air has a density less than the cold air, the hot air rises to the top and is replaced by the cold air, and this cycle remains continuous.

As for through contact, i.e. contact of a substance with a hot body, which leads to the transfer of heat from the source of heat to the contacting body and from there to the rest of the points.

Either through thermal radiation, and it is by the method  of heat transfer in the form of rays or waves such as radio waves, and it can penetrate between air molecules or the spaces between the air.

Central heating

It provides warmth to the building from the inside and heat reaches the places to be heated. This system is often used to heat one building or a group of buildings such as schools, colleges or a group of apartments.

It is considered the best heating method that is based on many different systems, and this is determined by the shape of the house or building and the type of energy used to deliver heat to all parts of the place .

Central heating is based on the idea of ​​heat flowing from its sources of production to its distribution places inside each building.

Central heating is based on the idea of ​​heat flowing from its sources of production to its distribution places inside each building.

This system is not limited to this method, but some of the mare based on the use of other sources of energy such as diesel and diesel, and this is done by pushing water or hot water vapor, which is used as a tool that distributes heat throughout the place. This is done by a group of tubes connected to the heat exchanger (radiator). This type differs from other types of heating as it is safer as it does not cause any harm in one way or another to human health and spreads heat evenly and in an orderly manner.

Modern types of central heating

There are several central heating systems that are installed in homes, the most prominent of which are:

Hot air heating system

In this type of central heating, air is used as a tool that works to carry and transfer heat, and the hot air is pushed by central heating units into special tubes until it reaches the heat exchanger that distributes heat in the place to be heated.

Hot water heating system

It is considered one of the most widely used systems in homes and other large institutions such as schools, hotels, and government

departments. It is also known for its low cost, both during installation and after use, in addition to providing an environment free of any harm to human health.

Steam heating system

In this system, water vapor is obtained through a process in which the liquid is converted into water vapor by using Steam Boilers of different pressures and temperatures.

We conclude from the above that the central heating system is a closed system that transfers heat from one point to another group of points in the same place through the passage of heat inside a group of pipes connected to each other.

Heating by solar energy

Solar energy is one of the best and cleanest ways of energy used in the heating process, but it is not widely used due to its high cost and the need to use special equipment and devices to transfer heat from its source,which is the sun, into the space to be heated by collecting sunlight by these machines and this type of heating despite the fact that High costs, but it is considered the best way to heat because it saves energy significantly and is very safe for human health.

This is a simple overview of the evolution of central heating and heating systems over different time periods.