There are two swimming pool heatingsystems 

Firstsystem (US system) : American Reypak system

And ithas different abilities suitable to different areas of swimming pools (156k BTU/ HR  - 206k BTU / HR  - 266k BTU / HR  - 406k BTU / HR ).

When you want toenjoy a comfortable experience of warm water, the high-performance Reybak waterheater provides you with design features that make operating costs lower andoperating easier and give a long and reliable service life. (smart heat)

Reybak poolfireplaces are well known for their best-in-class energy efficiency and lowemissions, even during the rapid heating of your pool

It features anexceptionally compact design for such a high-performance heater, so it fits thesmaller equipment. Control is simple and easy to use.

Reybak poolfireplaces are also designed for ultra-quiet operation to help keep the poolquiet. (smart heat)

Economical and fastconsumption channels for best-in-class efficiency and quick warm-ups, don'twait long to enjoy your pool. (smart heat)

Stylish enhanceddesign, modern look with easy-to-use controls. (smart heat)

  Designed to withstand extreme and rust-resistantexternal weather factors. (smart heat)


System 2: European:- Heating heater with mubadal:-


The heater will beheated inside it a flipping pump that is separate from the exchanger and thisextends the life of the system and the connection between the heater and theswimming pool is combined. (smart heat)

Used in theEuropean system (swimming pool heating heater - heatexchanger)

First, the swimmingpool heating heater: - (smart heat)

He's been a leadingproducer in Italy since 1964 and has been distinguished by many things. (smart heat)

New digital screen design New hydraulic group Adjustable side passElectronic editing panel driven by micro-processors     Digital area control panel It hascapabilities (24kw - 28kw –32kw) 

Second: - The FreeExchanger Reflex:-  (smart heat)

Reflex Winkelmann GmbH - part of the construction and industriesdivision - is a leading provider ofheating technology systems and high quality hot water supplies. Underits  Reflexbrand, the company,headquartered in  Ahlen in Germany's Westphalia region, produces and sellsnot only diaphragm expansion vessels, but also innovative components andcomprehensive solutions for pressure maintenance, water installation, gasremoval and water treatment, storage water heaters and heat exchangers for  panels, as well as crotch components andhydraulic vessels.  Reflex Winkelmann GmbHhas more than 1,500 employees worldwide, giving it an internationalpresence in all major markets.


Through its sustainable and energy-saving products, the company isalready doing its job to help the environment, as evidenced by its commitmentto sustainability and climate policy objectives approved by the German federalgovernment. This support is based on proven technologies and future-orientedinnovations. (smart heat)

Smart Heat is a leader in the field of central heating and theEuropean system and is the best Egyptian company in this field. (smart heat)




Repack pool kettle needs:- (smart heat)

1.    Powersource cable 2*2mm2 220 volts next to the boiler

Cool waterentrance from the pool

Hot waterline to the pool

Exchangepoint in place of boilers and lamps

 Source of ventilation (if possible hood)

 Chimney exit if there is a chimney