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When the cold weather seasoncomes during the winter season, the first thing we think about is the way wewill resort to heating our homes, as coldness and humidity not only affect ourbodies, but also things in the house insist, for this reason you have to thinkcarefully about the ideal way to heat your home, We currently have many methodsthat add heating to the house, including underfloor heating, although it isless known, it has become very popular, so we review in the following lines themost prominent advantages of underfloor heating, to see if it is the idealmethod that we need or not. no.


What is floor heating

Underfloor heating is defined asa house heating system consisting of several plastic pipes through which hotwater circulates to all parts of the house. Although it is called floor becauseit is mostly placed on the ground, this system can also be installed on thewalls.


The idea of ​​laying pipes on theground is more appropriate, as the temperature tends to rise, and then we willnotice that there is heat on the ground, but it will warm the rooms perfectly,and these pipes are installed under the pavement and a layer of mortar, so thissystem has many advantages that You must take it into account.


How does a floor heating system work?

Unlike various heating systemsthat heat the air in the immediate surroundings, underfloor heating producesheat that rises from the bottom up, enveloping you in warmth and heating theentire air of the room.


When the temperature of the airin the upper part of the room decreases, it drops to the floor level, to beheated by the heaters again, providing a circular air flow that gives the heat.


According to the laws of physics,cold air is denser than hot air, which causes it to move downward while hot airrises up, and this is the basic scientific principle on which underfloorheating systems are based.


Underfloor heating, and radiantheat from the ground, distributes heat more evenly than any other method ofheating, preventing energy waste and protecting against undesirableoverheating.


Advantages of floor heating

In the event that you want toinstall underfloor heating, you are already thinking in the right way, as thissystem is one of the best home heating systems at the present time, as thistype of flooring gives us great comfort in the home, and you also have to takeinto account the savings that you will get on Long term, especially if youcombine this system with some renewable energy such as solar energy, inaddition to many features that we will present in the following lines:


Environmentally friendly

Underfloor heating is one of thetypes of heating that is not used by a large number of people around the world,due to the fact that the tubes are thin and carry a small amount of water, andheat up between 36 and 40 degrees, compared to 70 or 90 degrees for heaters,which makes it a system that can be used even with energy renewable, since itdoes not consume a large percentage of energy like other alternatives, andtherefore we can say that it is a more environmentally friendly system andeconomical at the same time, although we spend a little more when installingit.


Free Design

This system also provides us withthe possibility of decorating without taking into account the heating elements.With other systems, we have to think about the way to cover the radiators orwhere to install the stove. As for the floor heating system, the installationis under the floor, which provides us with the possibility of decoratingwithout worrying about this type. One of the things, and if you have a smallenvironment indoors, this system is a great alternative as you don't have toleave room for the heating elements.


High efficiency in use

Another feature thatdistinguishes underfloor heating from other systems is that the water that circulatesthrough the pipes can circulate at high and low temperatures, so in the summerwe can use cold water to cool the house a little and enjoy the feeling offreshness, and thus we have two systems in one. One.


There is also another featurethat is always talked about with this type of heating, which is that thefeeling of comfort is much greater than other systems, as the heat comes fromthe ground, which makes us feel the heat in the feet more than the head, whichgives us greater luxury, in addition to Being an ideal type of heating for highceilings, as it distributes heat perfectly without accumulating in the upperarea.


Easy to operate

Once you have the floor heatinginstalled, you will need almost no maintenance, plus it comes with a long warranty,heating controls will give you higher efficiency, and you can install aprogrammable thermostat to turn the heating on at certain times, which you canturn off at night.


Fits most floors

You can freely install the flooryou prefer with the use of the floor heating system, as it is able to heat withwooden floors, tiles, stone, carpets, etc.


Comfort and safety

You will not have to worry aboutsharp edges or hot surfaces of radiators (hot air vents), especially if youhave children. The heating that a floor heating system gives you is much betterat maintaining the air quality inside the room, as it keeps the air fresh andoxygenated, Unlike other conventional radiators which dramatically raisetemperatures and reduce oxygen levels.


In this article, we coveredeverything you need to know about underfloor heating, in addition to the mostprominent features of this system and how it works.